Established in 1994, Cord is now the largest producer of sanitary ware in Iran. We employ over 1000 people and have a production capacity of 1.5 million pieces of sanitary ware per annum.
Our plant is state of the art, allowing us to manufacture top quality products of superior standards. In addition to leading sales in the domestic market, we currently export to more than 12 countries in the region and worldwide In the meantime, in order to ensure the highest level of quality in both process and product, while equipping the line with necessary testing equipment approved by ISO and by the National Bureau of Standards, Cord built a testing laboratory.

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Water Closet

استفاده از توالت های فرنگی چینی کُـرد، بر زیبایی، جلوه‏ و بهداشت سرویس ‏های بهداشتی در خانه و محل کار دوچندان می ‏افزاید. این توالت‏ ها مطابق با آخرین استانداردهای روز دنیا و با رعایت اصول و معیارهای زیست‌محیطی و صرفه ‏جویی در مصرف آب، ترکیبی…

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